Thursday, January 29, 2009

All Change!

A change is as good as a rest, don't they say. I have been meaning to have a bit of a spring clean and finally got around to it. Changing the template is about as adventurous as it gets here at the moment.

Also changed are our plans to get to France in March, instead it looks like it will be April as the firm I am temping for have asked me to stay on until the end of March so I am being virtuous and obligingly changing my plans. On the bright side at least the weather may be a little nicer in April. April in Paris sounds wonderful so I am seeing the silver lining in the situation. Also I am being a little premature on the "spring" cleaning as we are still amidst snowstorms and frigid temperatures around here. Hazel over at Mud Walls and Beams mentioned she has already seen snowdrops and crocus ...... that seems a long long way away. 

I decided to "go green" in an effort to reflect my sentiments in the current greedy material world. Leaving a smaller carbon footprint and generally trying to use our world more gently is part of our reasoning behind our eventual move to France.

So fairly short and sweet today. However I would just like to thank everyone who stopped by my last post to leave a comment, advice and suggestions for our forthcoming trip. Thanks!!

PS: If anyone is interested, I also updated my profile.


Maggie May said...

I like your illustrations! Very lovely post!
I think Spring cleaning should be done when you feel like it whether or not it is actually Spring or Winter.
Good idea going to Paris in April. March can still be cold. You will also have more money after another month's work:-)

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Beautifully green, as springtime in Paris will no doubt be too!

Mean Mom said...

Good changes. I was thinking about changing my background. I just have to remember how. Pictures are always good, too, I think.

Yes, the extra money will certainly be useful for your next trip and Paris in April somehow sounds more appealing.

softinthehead said...

Thanks ladies, yes the extra money will always come in handy. Glad you approved of my changes.

Michelle said...

Glad to have found your blog, think it was from Deb in France...I want to move there !!!

Sounds like u have had an interesting life tripping around.

Anyway, hi from Tasmania, Australia

Frances said...

Love the new look and the reasoning behind it! Shame your visit has been put back a month, but you're right weatherwise, hopefully it will be milder here in April than March. We had some snow boxing day, but since then terrible gales, then some sunshine and blue skies and now it's freezing cold again!! Who knows what the following months will bring!