Tuesday, August 12, 2008

And off it comes

So now the roof is completely off the barn end. Lots of progress in one week, I guess it is easier to dismantle it.
The next step is to repair the end wall to prepare it for the new framing. There is a cherrypicker on site to assist with the lowering of the huge beam, so hopefully that is pretty imminent although I understand they have been experiencing lots of rain.

Then they will completely re-vamp the roof timbers and construct two dormers, one front and one back and another skylight. It will be interesting to see how long this half takes.
However the dormer is nearly complete and looks great.


Mean Mom said...

I can see from your photos that your French project is coming along very well! It's great to see progress being made!

The wedding is close, now, too. I like the shoes that you favoured, in the photo. I envy you. I am a size 2 1/2. Decent shoes are impossible to find. Have you reached a final decision on the shoes? Did you find a bag?

aims said...

Oh my Sith! How fantastic that dormer looks! And what a daunting job this whole project has been. How lucky you are to have people of vision on your side!

softinthehead said...

Mean Mom - I am so pleased with the results so far.

As far as the wedding is concerned, yet it is coming up fast, less than a month to go. I decided against those shoes in the photo as I found another pair, on sale and much dressier, in Montreal. Still searching for the elusive purse but did find a pearl necklace, so now it is just the purse and earrings!

Aims, I know we are really lucky to have great artisans doing the work - they have been giving us good ideas.

Stinking Billy said...

You should have got wifey's builder onto that job from the start - he's my (estranged) son-in-law, and an absolute gem!

Mae said...

I was visiting maggie and decided to snoop a little came to your place........Nice here.

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

Well you've certainly been busy since I've been away. Great to hear the hubby is closer to home and that the French project is coming along nicely. Life looks good for you right now.

Breezy said...

Looking good SITH